Monday, May 4, 2009

Relay For Life

I went ahead and posted my Relay for Life pictures since Melanie called me out on that. It of course is always an emotional night, but one we will forever support. We bring the whole gang out and make it a family affair. Heck, I think we make everything a family affair. It is a night to remember our Jake and although he couldn't make the walk with everyone, I know he was there in spirit. We are very proud of our family and friends who wore their purple shirts proudly. This is Don with our good friend Shelbi. She is not only one of our foundation buddies, but tonight she was the honoree. She is such a trooper, with all this little girl has endured, she has never approached me without a smile on her face. Her tumor is showing some growth and she and her mom could use some extra prayers.
I just love this picture and think it says so much. These are Veronicia's (my best friend) parents. MaryAlice just beat breast cancer and she got to walk the survivor walk. I couldn't be more thankful, these two are like my second set of parents.
There's Melanie doing her hair painting duties and well... just a sweet picture of my MaddiBoo.

These girls love my big boys and they love them. Hayden took time out for a little girly time, you can't deny the love here.

Here's my nephew Tucker. He is always the life of the party. He was wanting to help feed Gabbi. Hey Marina, tell Eddie Tucker needs a little sister!!!!
Veronicia and her dad got to join her mom on her second lap of the survivor walk.
Pawpaw made his lap!!!!!
Uncle Chris and Maggie enjoying the festivities.
I think this shirt sums up the night!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tricia, to answer your question, no Hayden's # 11 is no accident. Ever since they started ball Hunter picked # 6 just like his dad. When Hayden started he asked what # I was? I told him 9 and that was his # of choice. When Jake came along, he decided he would be # 11 like his dad, he loved to copy anything his brothers did, although he never got the chance to where that # in tee ball, It officially became Jake's #. When he passed, Hayden just started picking # 11. And the legacy continues........


snekcip said...

Wonderful pictures. Such meaning behind each one!! I LOVE THE PICTURE OF MADDI/ELLIE together! I'll be there in June for the "SHAKE"! I can't wait to meet your wonderful family!

Mindy said...

What a night!

You guys are always in my prayers. AS IS A CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tricia said...

swwet Hayden for continuing the number

tricia said...

that was meant to say........sweet

Carrie said...

For the record...I changed my favorite # from 9 to 11 in honor of Jake too.

Beth E. said...

Such great pictures...such an amazing family! You guys rock! I'm with Mindy...praying for your family and for a CURE to this stinkin' cancer!

Poor Westin is having a tough time. He's got a fever now. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Hey, I posted a video of myself on my blog. It's about the third post down. Check it out when you can...Mel said she and I would get along great. I'm bettin' YOU and I would, too! :o)