Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't know how I screwed this up, but sorry these pictures are all out of place. I felt like you wouldn't care as long as I posted them! Daddy Don decided to make the most of the trip this year and lined out a fishing trip for the boys. To our surprise, everyone was not only on board with this idea, they were excited. They left in the wee hours of the morning and set out on a 2 hour cruise to their first fihing hole.They got to sleep on the way way there which I'm sure made evryone a lot happier No one got sick and everyone caught lots of red snapper, amber jack, and grouper. The crew, i heard was great. The boys thought they were the "bomb". They even let
them come up on the top deck and check out the captains quarters. Checkout the picture of Hayden looking like Leonardo DiCapreo from Titantic! Don and the guide found out they had a lot in common and so the story of Jake and our jouney came out. He was so touched that he featured the guys on his website. Look it up Sorry I don't know how to do that fancy link. Find the picture of the boys and click on the text below it. They wrote a nice story about us. Any whoo enjoy the pictures. By the way Zach would be upset if I didn't mention, he caught the biggest one.
Tyler was in first place only by only 1/2
a pound from Hunter. Zach threw in his
last cast and caught a whopper. I think
it weighed something like 15 lbs. All in all
it was a great trip.

Amy, I promise to get the LSU bathing suit pictures uploaded. The problem is that Mel was wrong I didn't take those pictures. The girls were posing it up and I knew if I got up and try to intervene, they would stop. So Paula and Tashia were snapping away. I will get those from them and post them.

Were Here !!!!!!

Day one at the beach and Maddi is dressed and ready. It was a long ride about 7 hours, we had 2 vehicles. One with the boys and one with the girls. I woke Maddi up early anticpating her sleeping most of the way. No such luck, that little girl stayed wide eyed and bussy tailed the whole way down, that is until we were about 15 minutes from our condo. I can't complain she rode very well, we just had to listen to Dora the whole way!!!!

We didn't know what to expect about Maddi and the beach? Much to our surprise she LOVES it!

She was very eager to go out into the waters and our Courtney was happy to oblidge. We are working on Courtney's name, Maddi insist on calling her Horney. Although cute, it doesn't sound too good in public when people don't know us. Ellie calls her Coco, but Maddi won't. It's getting better, we have progressed up to Korney. It will have to do for now!
Look who we spotted on the beach.... It's David Hasselhoff. They were shooting an upcoming scene for Baywatch!!!

The boys are happy to be here. They both got to bring a friend and we also brought Zach, Veronicia's brother to help entertain and to take the boys to the track and all that fun stuff that we don't necessarily like to do. We LOVE Zach!!!!!!!

This is Hunter and his friend Tyler. You'll grt to see more of them later I promise.

Corney and Maddi have settled in. Maddi could live on the beach. I was so surprised at how much she loves it. The sand, the water, the sun, she loves it all!!!

I couldn't resist this picture. Don't I have the cutest nieces. All of them. I can't believe I have5 nieces and 2 nephews. I can remember a time when I wondered if I would have any. My cup runneth over.

These 2 are a card together. When Ellie sees Maddi she starts yelling MADDI MADDI like she is so happy to see her. I love that. Ellie prefers the pools to the beach so our time out here together is precious. They could hear every plane and point out every bird.

Take a look at these two! Girls, Girls, Girls, it's a vacation, put down the cell phones!!!! Don't you love it and check out Katelyn she can text while holding Maddi's Dora thermos. Multitaskers, do we know to pick them or what!!!!