Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who Love's Mo?

Ok, so before I get started, I just wanted to send a shout out to my sister. You see she sends me her hand-me-down clothes as she gets into a new size. Well tonight I opened a bag she sent me and well.... this was the first shirt I pulled out! Mel it's too much. I mean it, too much!!! So if you haven't heard my sis complain before, she is always crying about not being in pictures. So since she dedicated a whole blog to me, it's my turn. No, these aren't revenge. I'm still pondering over that. I mean she put the tank top on the site(brutle). How much worse could the beach pictures be? It's not like at this point I can still try to convince everyone that I'm thin!

Mel always has to try on everything. We have over the years found this to be a statergy. She has to be the last one to open a present. So she strecthes out her gifts to be sure that the last one has her name on it. Yes, she's like a 7 year old!!

I have no explanation for the next two!!!!!!

There you go Mel, you were there!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Merry Christmas?????

No I'm not confused, but when you've been on vacation for 8 months, your days just seem to run together. These are my attempt at making some christmas cards. I didn't like any that I took, wasted too much time, and well, no one got a card? Then I thought about doing a change of address card using this picture, but I guess I should use the front of my house? So tonight for your viewing pleasure, you get Christmas!!!

Ok so I know tonight was pretty lame, but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging. These pictures were easy to get to and I thought they were better than nothing. I would have to hear it from my sister if I didn't update. Speaking of Mel, I believe she is getting a folder together of all the bad photos she can find of me and believe me there are plenty. So I guess I have started a war.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Road Trip

Alright everyone can breath. We are back from the beach and back from our road trip. No this road trip did not last 8 months, just the MLK holiday. This is one of the many things I love about my husband. Friday afternoon he was sitting at the computer, turned to me and said let's take the boys to Dallas. They love Dave and Busters(big kid arcade), and who doesn't love an indoor water park! We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge. Lots of fun. Tons to do. Our first stop however, was Shreveport. I get about a gizillion offers a week and this particular weekend they were offering a free shopping spree to Best Buy. They closed down the whole store and gave everyone a spending amount some alot more than others. I know what your thinking, WHAT!!!! This is their ploy to get people there to spend money at their casino. No such luck for us. We spent our Best Buy money, went to Jack Binion Steakhouse(one of Hunter's favorite) and went to bed.

Here's Maddiboo outside the steakhouse. She had no interest in eating and wanted to play out in the lobby.

After we got back to the room, this is what the boys did.

And this is what Maddi did, her new thing is trying on everyone's shoes. There are shoes everywhere at our house. She has learned to go into our closets and pick out her favorite ones and take a walk in them. She will for sure have a shoe thing as do most of us girls!

While we were there, guess who we ran into? MIMMIM. Don spotted her and papaw at Best Buy. We couldn't get her attention, so Hunter called her. The moment we got back to the hotel she came running up to play.

Yeah Mimmim, she has caught on to this game. Look Maddi refuses to take them off. Trust me don't try, she gets a little cranky.

Now we are at the lodge. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of our trip. I have a ton of Maddi just because she was with us at all times. The boys were off at the big boy slides and water basketball. We didn't see much of them until they got hungry.

Madison loved the waterpark. She played and played. After she got comfortable she let go of our hands and off she went.
Hey look Hayden made an appearence, but no Hunter!

After the waterpark we headed to Dave and Busters and spent the next 6 hours playing. We had a good time. I have since realized my boys are getting big and these little weekend trips are not as easy to take. So we will squeeze them in as often as we can. Since I didn't get any pictures of Hunter, I will share this one. Isn't he handsome? Can you guess what is missing?
NO BRACES!!!!!! He got them off tues. and is so excited to show off his pearly whites. Of course being the teenager that he is, he has already asked about getting his teeth whitened. Lord help me. I told him sure, just go out back and grab a branch off that money tree we appartently are growing.

I couldn't sign off without a picture of everyone's favorite blogger. Hey Mo, you still holding your breath???????

I have alot of catching up to do. So bear with me. I am trying to get the hang of this blogging thing again. I wasn't very good at it before, but have already learned some new things. No wide spaces in between pictures, YEAH!!!!!!