Thursday, February 26, 2009

everything is a contest with us

When we all get together, well who knows what may happen. We decided tonight(I think the credit goes to Veronicia) to have an oreo contest. Whoever could stick the most in their mouth, WON!!! First as always, Mel had to have a photo shoot to proudly display the product. Maybe the Oreo company should pay us a little advertising fee? I swear this is her favorite part of me having a blog. She is enjoing this a little too much!

First up Don. I was so disappointed. He couldn't even get 3 in his mouth. That left me to represent our family. Thanks Don!!!
Next Veronicia displays her Oreo skills. Not bad, she was able to get 3 in her mouth, with just a little gag!

Guess who was the party pooper and would not participate in our "childish, stupid, games" Todd.
Don't fret Mel pulled through for her family.I forgot to mention and if you look closely you will see these are double stuffed. Don't try this at home, we are professionals!!! She was certain she could put 4...........

no such luck! She only managed 3.

And the winner is.... STACI. Yes that's right I managed to get 4 in my mouth. I'm sure Mel is practicing all day today cause she hates to lose, especially to me! Silly girl I am the double stuffed Oreo champ!!!!

Beth I went to your site, thanks for the shout out. I love for people to remember my sweet boy. I'll tell you that's what's most scary about losing someone close to you. That people will forget them. Thanks again. As for the request of a tour of my house. I will get up from this post and start taking some pictures. They will be posted soon!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Pressue of A Post

Here it is !! One might think that we have nothing better to do. Don loves his new shower and everyone talks about how big it is, so we decided to find out just how big. We all fit comfortably,with room for a couple more and we aren't small people!! Hayden was are photographer.

If you notice Hunter's hair or lack of you will find out what he gave his mama for Valentines. He called and asked permission from a friend's house, three of them did it. I suppose lesson learned.
This particular day Hunter was running 102 fever, but he loves his sister and although he felt horrible, he gave his all to play with her. That's what good big brother's do!!!

Maddi loves her brothers and they love her! How sweet is this picture? You can tell just how bad he feels.

By the way, she was running fever too! It wasn't until the next day that she felt horrible just like her bubba. How funny is that, she calls Hunter bubba and Hayden, Hayden. go figure.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

JinJin was first to bring Valentine treats, and there were plenty to follow. The girls were so excited, mostly about the tissue paper and being able to rip it out of bags. I swear we all could have saved a fortune and just put paper in bags!!! Pops and Nana came shorly after that bearing gifts for Maddi and the boys. Notice they aren't in any of my pictures, that's because they are never around. I will post tomorrow on what Hunter gave me for Valentines!!!!!!!!!!

Maddi got these in her Valentine basket form mom and dad. That girl loves her some sunglasses. I can't believe she keeps them on. She refuses to wear a diaper and is completely naked most of the day, but give the girl some shades and she won't take them off!!

The necklace she is sporting came from mimmim and papaw. Down below are more pictures of mimmim giving Maddi the rest of her goodies.

Oh how she loves!!!She gives the best hugs and kisses

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, we sure did. I will post more on the day tomorrow and hopefully include the 2 big brothers, even if I have to ground them into staying home. I will leave you with a few of the over 200 pictures I took today of Maddi playing outside.

Friday, February 13, 2009

A tornado I like to call Maddi

Just look at her does she scream tornado or what??? This is how precious wakes up most of the time. Cute huh?? From here on out our day is nothing but a whirling tornado I call Maddi. One of her favorite things to do is go to the pantry and pick out something to eat. Today she has chosen crossiants or maybe oreo's.

It seems to be crossiants, so the oreo's will just go on the floor with the rest of the rejects Maddi has chosen not to eat.
After checking the expiration date, yep she has decided crossiants it will be.

But wait there not for her and why would they be! She never eats what she gets out of the pantry. The crossiants are for Daisey! She literally feeds Daisey all day long.

My grocery bill has doubled since Daisey has joined the table!