Thursday, February 26, 2009

everything is a contest with us

When we all get together, well who knows what may happen. We decided tonight(I think the credit goes to Veronicia) to have an oreo contest. Whoever could stick the most in their mouth, WON!!! First as always, Mel had to have a photo shoot to proudly display the product. Maybe the Oreo company should pay us a little advertising fee? I swear this is her favorite part of me having a blog. She is enjoing this a little too much!

First up Don. I was so disappointed. He couldn't even get 3 in his mouth. That left me to represent our family. Thanks Don!!!
Next Veronicia displays her Oreo skills. Not bad, she was able to get 3 in her mouth, with just a little gag!

Guess who was the party pooper and would not participate in our "childish, stupid, games" Todd.
Don't fret Mel pulled through for her family.I forgot to mention and if you look closely you will see these are double stuffed. Don't try this at home, we are professionals!!! She was certain she could put 4...........

no such luck! She only managed 3.

And the winner is.... STACI. Yes that's right I managed to get 4 in my mouth. I'm sure Mel is practicing all day today cause she hates to lose, especially to me! Silly girl I am the double stuffed Oreo champ!!!!

Beth I went to your site, thanks for the shout out. I love for people to remember my sweet boy. I'll tell you that's what's most scary about losing someone close to you. That people will forget them. Thanks again. As for the request of a tour of my house. I will get up from this post and start taking some pictures. They will be posted soon!


KKGrimmer said...

I did notice that they were double-stuffed (my favorite!) I'm SO proud of you winning the contest! 4...WOW!!

And Jake will NEVER be forgotten by me either. He is still an inspiration, as well as the rest of your GREAT family!

Congratulations again on the winning the Oreo contest! hee-hee

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad we share the same LOVE for OREOs!! Looks like Mo was outdone this time. She needs to create an Oreo Queen banner for you to wear! I don't think you have to worry about Jake ever being forgotten!! He changed more people's lives and will always be remembered!

Beth E. said...

Forget that sweet Jake??? NOT A CHANCE...He and your family will always have a special place in my heart!

I am totally impressed with your Oreo skills, Staci! :o)

tricia said...

What a fun bunch of people!!!! Except for Party Pooper Todd!

jamarson1 said...

So fun! Its nice that some stinking Oreo's made such a stink! I am a faithful Jake follower that loves to hear the latest!

Kacy said...


That baby of yours will NEVER be forgotton.
Much Love.

Carrie said...

Staci, your sweet angel Jake will never be forgotten. He is still so alive in your family's spirit. I bet he was watching down from above making bets that his awesome Mama was gonna whoop-up on the Oreo contest...and she did!
Funny story for you...last night we were watching the 6 o'clock news and Grant (he's almost 4) heard that someone had died from cancer. He turned to me and asked me what cancer was. I explained that it made people very sick and that they have to take lots of medicine to get better and sometimes they don't get better. Then I said, "Remember Jake" (he has seen his pic on the computer) "He had cancer" and then Grant replied, "Ya, I remember Jake. He gave me his shirt with his name on it!" He was referring to the JOR shirt I brought back from the Shake for him. Isn't that too cute? When he see's Jakes picture on the computer he immediately knows who it is. He was only 2 when Jake went to heaven and he isn't about to forget Jake any time soon and neither am I!

Debbie Jean said...

Your sweet baby boy Jake will never be forgotten. He lives in all of our hearts.

4 double stuffed oreo's. Wow!! I doubt I could even get 3. next time I buy some, I will have to try.LOL.

I am looking forward to the tour of the Raborn home!!!

God Bless~

mommaof4wife2r said...

oh my goodness, i can't stand it! i want a stinking oreo...if i take my picture with 5 in my mouth...well, i'll never make it. i will eat them before the shot!

Mindy said...


First things first, Jake will NEVER be forgotten! He changed something in all of us and we are all better for having witnessed his life!

You guys are so crazy! My family is the same way about weird food challenges. Did you know that PB and BACON sandwiches aren't half bad???? It's amazing what you can learn from a dare!

Christie said...

LMAO ya'll are just like my family. EVERY lil thing is a contest. We have some crazy laughs. Have ya'll ever played fear factor? All I can say is I am glad I lost out before the raw egg downing. Jake is thought of everytime I see the number 11. I have told many about his story. He is forever in my heart, as well as the rest of ya'll. Hugggsss!!!

Cherry said...

Hey Staci,
Where do you and Mel get it from? Surely not the Jones side of the family...I love you all....By the way do you or Mel have any single friends around 25 looking for a good man? Drew needs a good

Emily said...

Thanks Stac-now I'm craving some stinkin Oreos!!!!
And girl......are you nuts? We will NEVER forget Jake-he is part of our lives forever! And guess what shirt I am wearing today? You got it-my red JOR Foundation shirt!