Monday, March 9, 2009

Isn't This The Real Reason We Had Them!!!!

Just kidding, although I have to say I LOVE the fact that my boys are old enough to pump gas!! It's on my top 10 list of things I hate!! Here's my beloved Hayden. Not his favorite job! I have to remind him that I have spent the last 21 years pumping it myself. My God I'm sitting here trying to figure out if my math is right? Am I really getting that old? Have I been driving for 21 years? WOW!!!!!
This is Hayden trying to figure out a way to make the handle pump by it's self. Why is it that they no longer have those little stopper things, so you can walk away?
He just looked up and noticed I was taking his picture. We all now how much Hayden loves to have his picture taken! From then on he made sure his face was hiding. Well Mr. smarty pants, he figured out how to make the pump work by it's self and headed my way, and I figured out how to see that precious face!

This is him telling me to snap away, because it would not work with the mirrors! HAHA my little friend!!!!!


This is after I showed him that it worked! Oh well We caught a glimps!

Till next time!!


Sandy said...

Your Hayden is such a cutie pie!!I have a 16.5 year old and he is the same way, but as moms they just never know how we always figure out how to get them. Maddi is also a lil doll.

Beth E. said...

Oh, the joys of older kids! It made hubby's day once he figured out our boys could mow, take out the trash, wash the car, etc., etc. We're lovin' it! LOL

Hayden's a cutie pie. BUT, don't tell him I said that. My boys never did want to be called "cute." ;o)

KKGrimmer said...

Oh, Staci you are so good!! And a wonderful picture-taker I might add!

Kacy said...

I'll be glad when mine are old enough to pump gas. I'm with you on that. I'd rather run out than pump it. I have one of those membership things where you call if you run out of gas. At least they send someone that may be HOT. HA. Take care.

Julie Dietz said... glad you have the two older boys....girls just don't enjoy pumping gas....or any type of work in my house!! Hayden is a sure cutie pie!

tricia said...

Oh those grouchy teenage years!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love the picture of Hayden. It amazes me how much he's grown up in the last few years. (Been a Jake believer since 2003) I love the pictures from the mirror. I think they truly capture Hayden's character. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more posts soon.

Proud Grandma said...

Staci: I have been following your blog & Mo's blog since you started them - I followed your Caringbridge site for Jake but today I cannot get into Mo's blog - can you please give her my email and perhaps she can tell me how I can still read her blog-
Thank you very much
PS- your boys are really handsome & Maddie is a doll & I love the pictures of your new house.
Eunice Johnson