Monday, April 27, 2009

MaddiBoo is 19 Months Old

I can hardly believe it, but my Maddiboo is 19 months old. I swear, where does the time go? She has brought so much joy into our lives, I hope one day she will realize just how important her birth was and just like Jake, she was sent here with a mission. She brought back laughter and smiles in a home I thought was broken forever. I look at her face and see Jake everyday. She makes my heart smile. We miss that sweet boy more than anything and I wish I could have seen the 2 of them together. I know that Jake played a special part in sending this precious little angel to us and one day we will all be reunited. Oh, I can hardly wait for that day. Until then we will treasure each and every moment we have with each other. She's quite a looker and is always wearing the lastest fashion
she would live outside if I let her
She loves to pick flowers

she blows the sweetest kisses
loves anything Dora
and believe it or not, she's not afraid of bugs.

I love you Madison

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's The Day !!!

Today's the day. I can't tell you how many times we say that. Well we finally did it. We convinced the boys to help and with no money involved. We'll see about that, i'm sure they have something they want in return! We cleaned out the garage. My goodness, this is only half the mess. We were on a roll, when the boys spotted Don's collection of matchbox cars and just like that we were sidetracked. They played with those cars like they 5 again. Trying to find the fastest ones and racing each other till the wheels fell off.

They even got Maddi involved, poor thing she would retrieve the cars everytime they would race them. Ok so enough is enough ! We need to get back to the task at hand and who better to handle that then Don !!! He does not like to get sidetracked when he is on a mission. Hey where is Don ?

Lookie Lookie Don has found himself in a flashback. Can you believe this garage ! Who could work under these conditions ????

I'm happy to report, we set a time limit on the play time and did indeed get the garage done, only to be filled again when we finish cleaning out our old house. Yes we are still not moved out of it yet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where in the world is Staci???

Where in the world is Staci ??? Hint I'm the one in red smack dab in the middle of all those baseball boys. A fine place to be I might add. What am I doing there you ask? Well I was asked to throw the first pitch out!!! I wasn't nervous at all until everyone kept asking me about warming up and how was I going to throw it ? I had not thought about this at all. Just planning on getting up there and winging it !!! Turns out I didn't need any practice or warming up. I threw a strike right down the middle. Here's the catcher giving me the ball.
This is our local university and the head baseball coach is a good friend of ours. He also supports the foundation. See here is Maggie my niece and Jacob my nephew in law. She is wearing the shirt that was passed out to the first 200 kids to walk in the gates. They also passed out believe baseballs.

And here is Ms. Maddi showing her support for the ULM Warhawks!!!!!

This is what the tailgating section looks like. I must add there is also a student section. Coach Schexnaider has done a fantasic job of bringing the folks in. Hey can you spot me in this picture?

Ace the warhawk came over to visit. Let's see who appreciated him the most. Ellie seems a little uneasy. But, willing to give him five!

Christian, not so sure!!

Maddi--- NO!!!!!!!

Don't be too disappointed Mr. Ace, somebody loves you. Wait that's Mo. What would Todd say?
The girls love coming here and it has become a family event. Veronicia and her brother Zach come and are willing to pitch in to help keep the kids entertained.

I love this boy. He is a senior this year and is such a family boy. Heck I have known him his whole life, I consider him my own. He helps out with anything and is one oof the foundations biggest volunteers.

Pawpaw Raborn took his turn with the kids!

So did Uncle Chris and Christians' dad Gene!

Mel, well she just pops in long enough to get her picture taken. (just kidding)

Last but not least I leave you with JinJin and 2 of her girls.