Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's The Day !!!

Today's the day. I can't tell you how many times we say that. Well we finally did it. We convinced the boys to help and with no money involved. We'll see about that, i'm sure they have something they want in return! We cleaned out the garage. My goodness, this is only half the mess. We were on a roll, when the boys spotted Don's collection of matchbox cars and just like that we were sidetracked. They played with those cars like they 5 again. Trying to find the fastest ones and racing each other till the wheels fell off.

They even got Maddi involved, poor thing she would retrieve the cars everytime they would race them. Ok so enough is enough ! We need to get back to the task at hand and who better to handle that then Don !!! He does not like to get sidetracked when he is on a mission. Hey where is Don ?

Lookie Lookie Don has found himself in a flashback. Can you believe this garage ! Who could work under these conditions ????

I'm happy to report, we set a time limit on the play time and did indeed get the garage done, only to be filled again when we finish cleaning out our old house. Yes we are still not moved out of it yet.


tricia said...

Garages are like Black Holes! you need to have a garage sale before you move stuff to the new house.....Ahhhh boys and their matchbox cars. My son(21) has quite a collection;boxed in the basement now. He's never giving them up.

Beth E. said...

Definitely have a garage sale. That way you can get rid of some stuff so you won't have to pack it!

I still have all of Bo's Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars. That's all he played with when he was little.

Have a great afternoon and a great week!

Mindy said...

I laughed outloud when you said "Where's Don?" then I scrolled down and saw that picture of him playing Pac-Man!!! HA!

My hubby still has his matchbox cars, too. Cool keepsake.

Walker & I want to come and play in your garage!!!

kimybeee said...

I guess if you haven't needed the stuff at the old house by now, you could probably get rid of most of it. I couldn't even imagine having a whole other house for storage. Maybe you are onto something there?

At least you got them motivated into spring cleaning. It is amazing how quick you can pile junk up but cleaning it is always so messy and time consuming.


Christie said...

I get sidetracked when I clean out my closet or garage. That's where I find things I haven't seen in awhile so I start looking at them and before I know it I am sitting looking at memories.

Lisa said...

The other night, my husband was in the basement exercising and I was upstairs in the kitchen cooking and I heard him yelling, "change the channel to channel 20. I think those people you pray for are on there." You see, I'm in charge of the prayer ministry at our church and all during Jake's illness we prayed for you and I have continued to follow y'all because I feel like I know you and Melanie (that sounds silly, but true). Anyway, I changed the channel and there y'all were talking about your wonderful family and foundation and the money, etc. It is amazing to me how something like praying for someone ties us together with folks we've never met! Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us!