Friday, February 13, 2009

A tornado I like to call Maddi

Just look at her does she scream tornado or what??? This is how precious wakes up most of the time. Cute huh?? From here on out our day is nothing but a whirling tornado I call Maddi. One of her favorite things to do is go to the pantry and pick out something to eat. Today she has chosen crossiants or maybe oreo's.

It seems to be crossiants, so the oreo's will just go on the floor with the rest of the rejects Maddi has chosen not to eat.
After checking the expiration date, yep she has decided crossiants it will be.

But wait there not for her and why would they be! She never eats what she gets out of the pantry. The crossiants are for Daisey! She literally feeds Daisey all day long.

My grocery bill has doubled since Daisey has joined the table!


charlene said...

Well, you know the dog has to eat too. If she is anything like our dog, Daisey doesn't know she's a dog so why shouldn't she eat crossiants. I love the hair picture. That baby is soooo beautiful.

Debbie Jean said...

The hair pic is a hoot!!! LOL. Thanks for updating! Now keep it up!! Maddi is beautiful, thanks for sharing her with us.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

God Bless~

Beth E. said...

I'm lovin' the hair. LOL She's adorable! Thanks for sharing the pics with us. :o)

Lindsay said...

Aww so fun!!!!! Thanks for the post - I always pop by "just to see" if you've posted.

tricia said...

how sweet...Maddi shares so well.

her hair is hysterical

Christie said...

LOL Wild hair, but she's so adorable and wears it well.

Mbeaty19 said...

Love Maddi's wild hair. Johnathan's tends to look like that in the morning a lot to. Love the scavenging in the pantry. I have a feeling Johnathan will be doing that to. He loves getting things out and Little Foot (our Boston Terrier) is usually standing with him just in case he has some food to share.
Glad to see your post and look forward to more adorable Maddi pictures and her funny antics.

snekcip said...

Oh my schnauzer love the PANTRY RAIDS/the HIGH CHAIR FEEDING practically anything that involves FOOD/SNACKS w/Bree! Bree SHARES EVERYTHING w/our Paris!! The dog stands at attention waiting patiently for her morsel! Hey your Daisy is lucky, Paris has the freshest breath on our block!! Yep she found MY HUSBANDS toothbrush in the bathroom drawers, got the MINTY flavored Crest and straddle the poor dog and commenced to brushing her teeth!! I don't know who YELPED the loudest,me or the darn dog!!Bree jumps up and heads for the nearest EXIT and there sat the poor dog, w/a pasty blue snout and a freshly cleaned face!! Yep she found a wetface towel and clean her face as well. The dog look like CHUCH BERRY w/RABIES!!! Ahhh the antics of a 2yr old/and her beloved dog!!! GOTTA LOVE 'EM!!!

snekcip said...



snekcip said...

PSS: Yes we threw the TOOTHBRUSH away (LOL)!! I'm not that heartless...although it was a thought...jusssssssst kidding!!!