Monday, May 4, 2009

Just another day in the Neighborhood

So Madison and I decided to go for a ride. Something she loves to do. She takes after Jake, anything outside and anything that lets their hair move!!! We were about to turn back into the driveway when she spots this..... Cole and Jack decided to make use of all the rain we have been having lately. They were covered head to toe with mud. Cole even asked me if Madison had poop in her pants, I said no way man that stink is you! Mud smells good! Emma had come over to hang out with Madison, that is until she saw the two of them and thought they looked more inviting!!!
So she went home and changed into her swimsuit. Look at Madison, she is dying to get in! Emma was a little leary at first.

but, she finally dove right in.
Then along comes Hunter. I must tell you that Cole and Jack think Hunter and Hayden hung the moon.
He decides to show out a little, I kept reminding the 2 little ones that Hunter should be wearing a helmet!
The other side... and then he goes off and gets crazy!!!!!
Oh no he didn't!!!!! I had to make sure thay knew this was STUPID and to never do anything like this, because after they saw this...
they all had to go get on their 4 wheelers/motorcycles.

The girls however stayed close and played. Madison is giving Ella Kate a push. She started going a little too far and I called her name, she gave Ella Kate one more good push and turned around to come back!
This is Jack running to catch Ella Kate.
Hayden couldn't be left out. He went for spin, but I warned him no tricks. We have little eyes watching!
This is what Cynthia and I do just about everyday. We sit out in one of our driveways and let the kids play. We are working on getting our summer playground in place. It will for sure include a fan! Between the 2 of us and all the kids we have, we have our own jungle gyms. They even have a pool, a tennis court, a 9 hole golf cousre and about 40 acres to roam. What else could you ask for.

Thank God these two play well together. I have a feeling this summer we will be spending lots of time together. We will have to call over Ellie and Gabbi and make it a playdate. We can't wait until they build. All of these little girls will be so much fun!

I love the fact that we live at the end of the road in a cul-de-sac(?). We have very little traffic and what we do have is going slow by the time they hit us. Maddi and I are free to roam.


Kathryn said...

What a fun time! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

tricia said...

loving the carefree fun in your "hood"

Lindsay said...

Are there any lots left in your neighborhood? Bowen and I are moving in!!! What fun you are having! Love it and I love the mud wrestling. Hunter is a little pro on that 4 wheeler. Boys will be boys-Bad boys bad boys.........Madison's pants are so sweet. Love them. Have a very Happy Mother's Day, Staci-you have so much to be so thankful for and your kiddos are so lucky to have you as their mommy!

Beth E. said... love it! They looked like they were having a blast!

Hunter and Hayden are looking more grown up these days...I can't believe it...they'll be off dating soon, and will try to figure out reasons to leave the house and spend time with their buds. At least, that's what happens in our house...we hardly see our boys, even when they aren't in school!

Maddi is adorable, as always. Sounds like she's gonna have wonderful playmates in your neighborhood. :o)

Sandy said...

Oh Staci just precious seeing your kids playing in mud. I was just stunned the other day when my lil girl got all into the mud. Maddi is just simply beautiful. Sabre' and I are going to have to come play with Maddi one day soon. Sandy

snekcip said...

Staci did you hear me scream (((((HUNTER))))) all the way from TX!!!! Those darn boys will do the wildest things (I know I raised two of them) and they made me earn EVERY GRAY HAIR ON MY HEAD!!!!

Glad to see Maddi isn't POPPING WHEELIES (is that what they still call them?) yet!!

Kids can just about make fun out of anything! My question is: DOES TIDE REALLY GET "THIS DIRT" OUT!! Inquiring minds wanna know?? LOL!!!

Wishing you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY STACI!!! I will be out of town for the entire weekend, so I'm sending my WISHES early!!!

PS The "push" by Maddi was hilarious, poor Ella Kate!! Big Brother was on the lookout though!! THAT WAS JUST TOO CUTE!!

Denise said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Staci!! You are an awesome mommy.
Big hugs, Denise, xoxo

P.S. Hugs for JinJin too.

Lindsay said...

Get on it, dad gone it!