Sunday, May 3, 2009

My favorite time of the year has arrived. It's ball season and guess what... the boys are on the same team YEAH!!!!! That means one practice and only 2 games a week. That also means only 2 games of having to keep up with liitle miss priss! Let me tell you at the ballpark, keeping up with her is a full time job! She is everywhere and into everything. Our first task, keeping those fingers out of the fence!
This will be Hunter's last year at our local Dixie Youth baseball complex. That's a hard pill for me to swallow. He will be 15 on the 11th of this month. FIFTHTEEN!!!!!!

Hayden looks so small compared to Hunter. But don't let his size fool you, he has no trouble keeping up with the big boys in this league.

Maddi loves every minute of the ballpark. She runs around like she owns the place. She loves to yell at her brothers when they are on deck and believe it or not, those sweeet boys give her the satifaction of all the attention she deserves. I love this time of year and can hardly wait for Maddi in tee ball. I have a feeling girls ball will be a whole new world!!!


Jennifer of Woodstock, GA said...

I love baseball season also! My son is 11 and his season is almost over. boo hoo. My 6 year old daughter (who also grew up at the ballpark) is now playing softball. It is so much fun! I miss it badly when it is over!

tricia said...

such fine times at the ballpark! coincidence or purposefull that hayden is #11?

Sandy said...

enjoy every moment of the 15 year old I remember when mine was 15 now he is 17 my heart aches. Maddi is such a precious lil one.

snekcip said...

"Tricia" beat me to the question (LOL)!How awesome as that "coincidence or not"!!

Maddi is just beautiful!! She has the cutest rosiest cheeks, offset that w/those beautiful eyes and she is just simply a living doll!!

Ballpark fun!! I SO remember those days!! I can't wait to see future pictures of Maddi in her uniform!!

Beth E. said...

Ah, It brings back so many memories! Our oldest boy, Billy, played baseball from the time the was in t-ball until he graduated from high school! His younger brother, Bo, played up through Little League, but then grew tired of it. I was grateful whenever they got to be on the same team. Whew...different teams can wear out Mom and Dad, trying to keep up with practices and games.

Maddi looks so cute in her little outfit. Just sign her up to be a model! She's simply adorable.

So glad you are posting again! Keep up the good work. :o)


P.S. I guess you know that Westin is at St. Jude's for chemo? He's really been having a tough time of it lately. Just check out Julie's journal entries for updates.

Dawn said...

Sweet Maddi...I love watching her grow. Miss you guys and can't wait for Shake 4 Jake.

charlene said...

That little girl of yours is beautiful. I love baseball season too. I have a 7 year old that is playing her first year of softball.

BTW, when can we buy our Shake 4 Jake tickets?

Mindy said...

Your boys are so big and handsome! I love baseball!

Maddie Boo is too cute. I love all of her darling pants outfits. I know exactly what you mean about chasing a little one around. Hadlee just turned 3 and this year at Walker's games she is MUCH better and likes to sit and play right by me.

Renee said...

Baseball season is my favorite time of year too and is in full swing. I remember meeting you, Maddi Boo, Jin Jin and one of your boys last year in Ponchatula at a ball park. When Maddi walked by, I took a 2nd glance, like I wasn't sure it was really ya'll. That's some sassy pant she's sporting at the park. Too precious!

Christie said...

I love baseball season to. My oldest was 15 last year so this is the first year he hasnt been able to play. He is so bummed. So he is doing the next best thing and umping teeball and coach pitch. Poor kid had a rough first game. Parents are ruthless at the