Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

A tribute to my wonderful husband. The best husband, dad, and stepdad anyone could ask for. Thanks for always putting your family first. We love you.

You should all remember nurse Terry from Mo's blog. She was not only one of Jake's nurse's at St. Jude, but she also became a close friend. We love you Terry!!!!!


Zhohn said...

Wow, an entire post dedicated to Don! I know it's a joke that he doesn't make Mo's blog!
I love the olive/brown outfit on Maddi. My favorite picture is of Don holding Maddi with his back to the camera!
You have a beautiful family Staci. I'm sure you didn't know that already. ha!
Happy Father's Day Don.

Terri Wood, aka Mommy said...

I love you too!!!!! I can't tell you how great it was to spend some time with the Raborns at the beach! I miss you and little Maddi is just tooooooo cute! She is so like my sweet baby Jake! Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day, Don!

Lindsay said...

The boys are growing up so fast and maddi looks so much like Jake to me. I haven't always thought that, but that beach blonde hair and BLUE eyes make it hard not to see the resemblence! The tutu is on it's way for Shake, sorry for the delay, so you should get it by Wed at the latest! I want to see lots of pics and I would love to know how much it sells for. Follow the care instructions when you get it (you can even pop it in the dryer for a coupon minutes to refluff). Can't wait to see pics and to hear all about it!! That family pic of all is adorable!!!

Dawn said...

Don - look at you in all those pictures. I honestly didn't think you were there on the trip with them. Love the pics of you with that precious Maddi. She's such a doll and looks so much like the Jakester.

Just 11 more days to the Shake!!!

Love you all!!

Sara G said...

Great pics. You have a great looking family and I see a lot of Jake in little Maddi too!!
Welcome home from your vacation and a belated Happy Father's Day to Don!!
Take care

Tonya said...

I've been off my computer for QUITE a while now.. I was SO HAPPY to find a comment from you. (So glad to see you're blogging now too!) I tried to leave a comment yesterday but I think it must've been during the time that blogger was "down for repairs" because I tried like THREE times and it never posted.

ANYWAY... I LOVE the new pics of your family. Everyone looks GREAT! (I love the shot of Don holding both babies - he's got the cutest little smirk on his face. Kind of gives an idea of where Jake got his spunk) =-)

I'm hoping we'll be heading down to the beach soon. The boys & I LOVE it! Link is more of a "mountain man." I guess we'll see who wins. HEHEHEHE.. Seriously, he's good about letting us go without him so we'll probably end up down there SOMETIME this summer either way. (I sure hope so!)

Please tell everyone we said hello? And give that sweet baby girl a kiss for me? (She's just BEAUTIFUL!)


Lisa said...

Hey there Stacy!! I just found your blog (through Jake's site). love the picture of Maddi peeking over Don's shoulder - so cute!!