Saturday, June 7, 2008

And The Winners Are... Jake Owen Raborn

Well, we are the champions...of the loser bracket that is. But oh well 1st place is 1st place RIGHT?? They played hard and fought their way back to the top. Way to go boys. This was Don's first time to coach one of the boys in baseball. I must admit, I'm pretty proud of all my boys. We also just found out that Hayden made the allstar team. Yeah Hayden!!!!!!!!
Here's Hunter with his #1 fan. Both Hunter and Hayden are such good big brothers. Maddi loves them both so much. She gets so excited when she sees them walk in a room. I love the age gap between Maddi and her brothers. It is so sweet to watch them tend to her.

This is my niece Masie, boy has she become a big help. Lately I have been overwhelmed with all I have going on. Running the foundation, getting ready for Shake 4 Jake, building a new house, and then getting my house ready to show so we can sell it. On top of that we were leaving for the beach. Do they still make calgone??? I sure do need something to take me away. Masie will come over and entertain Maddi so I get some things done. Masie just adores Maddi and we are grooming her to become a stay at home babysitter. Who needs school? HA!HA! I mean for the love of Pete, I need to get things done. You can't find this kind of help anymore. Thanks Masie We love You!!!!!!

We have made it to the beach, it's late and i'm tired so i will wait and post more beach pictures tomorrow. By the way I had no picture problems tonight YEAH!!!!!


Dawn said...

I know that Jake is so proud of his brothers being the "Best Winners". Congrats to the winning team!

Staci - it is on like a chicken bone. So glad you have joined me on my challenge. I will keep you posted.

Love you all!!

Zhohn said...

Way to go getting the pics right.
Congrats to the Jake Owen team! I can see from your pictures (& some of Mo's) that Hunter & Hayden adore Maddi.
I can't imagine everything that you have going on! I'm glad you have some good help.

Maddi is so adorable. Can't wait for more beach pics. Have a good time.

Martha from NC said...

Great job with your new blog! I am quite impressed with the pictures, etc. It's so good hearing from you. That little Maddi is just adorable. And your handsome boys are going to be real "heartbreakers." Can't wait to hear all about the new house, Shake 4 Jake and all your other various activities. Your know they say staying busy "keeps you young." I say it "keeps your tired."
Hope you guys are having a great time at the beach. Keep those updates and pictures coming!

Kacy said...

Congratulations to the WINNERS! You are right 1st is 1st! Love the pics, Staci! You are getting good! I probably forgot how to put pictures up it's been so long since I had a camera! Go get your Cokes! Get Maddi's too.

Barbara said...

Staci! Did you see what time that was posted? 11:11. :)
Hope you guys are having fun at the beach!! :)

hannahbeth said...

The above post was me...logged in under someone elses name! I hate it when that happens. :)

Sara G said...

Hi Stacy and family,
Been following Jakes caringbridge site for awhile now and of course followed you and Mo's blog sites. Finally hooked up with a blog of my own!
Take care and you have an amazing family!!

Dawn said...

Hey Staci - just to keep you motivated. I got up EARLY Saturday and went walking. I also went to the gym when I got off work today and walked over a mile & a half on the treadmill.

Have fun at the beach...wish we were there too.

sparks said...

HI Staci,

Just wanted to let you know that I have loved following Jakes caringbridge site for the past few years. And now I enjoy getting to check in on you and Mo on your blogs. The girls are super cute. Jake has truly blessed both of you, and I know you know that.

jennifer h. said...

first of all, i love your blog and am glad you are back from your loong beach vaca! haha. second, i am freaking out bc i cannot get to mo's blog anymore. guess i wasn't invited:( anyhoo, if you would ask her to help us figure out how to get on and get "invited" i would appreciate it! thanks! and have fun at the beach again!